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It's Update Time

Saw my first Japanese cockroach today, scuttling across the street. I'm actually surprised it took this long to see one.

Otherwise, it's raining season, which has mostly sucked so far (heavy rain + almost 2km walk to station = fail), but today has been kind of nice. It's still better than living in Houston. Except Houston is air-conditioned. And you don't walk everywhere. And such. So, I guess it actually isn't better than Houston, except for the whole not-being-Houston part.

Been pretty tired a lot, not sleeping that well (dorm is noisy, but that's just a contributing factor, but it's been a struggle to stay on top of things overall), and my feet have been a bit troublesome for track (mostly better now, though). But, well, still doing okay in class and all that, I guess. I may possibly be learning things.

Anyway, linky: proof I'm on the track team (a.k.a., find the Doug).

Also a few pictures, including an example of productive classroom time:

[Click through for the Jesus Body, bad beer, and your Little Peeing Boy of Hamamatsuchou Station update!]

Back to homework.
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