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Sometimes it's hard to remember I'm in Japan. Well, okay, that's a total lie. It's starting to feel pretty normal, though.

First part of my mid-term was today (two days left to go on the rest, though), listening comprehension and the interview. It went... Okay. Not great, though. But, it could have gone a lot worse, too, and I expect (hope) I'll do well on the reading comprehension, grammar, and kanji sections next week.

Anyway, this week is the big 上南戦, tomorrow wearing (one of) the new suit(s) for the opening ceremonies, then the real contest on Saturday (I'm not competing -- I'm pretty sure they're not doing any field activities, just track -- but I'll probably take lots of pictures). Sunday, we apparently play host to the 南山大学の陸上部, which seems like it should be fun.

I've just begun to realize how much the Japanese love clocks. Of course, there are plenty in train stations (something Denver seems to have difficulty with), but there are always clocks on all the tracks (and non-track places) we practice on (I suspect we're touring all the tracks in Tokyo, we've practiced in several places outside of campus so far), and I've started noticing more clocks in random places like parking lots and the like. Pretty much everywhere, if you can find them.

Saw a Chinook helicopter flying around when getting lunch at one of the school cafeterias today. Seemed a bit strange, the camo seemed likely to be Japanese (never seen American camo on a helicopter that looked like that), and it was flying awfully close to the Imperial Palace there in 千代田区. No idea what that was all about.

Missed a train stop for the first time ever in Japan today -- I was too busy screwing around on my iPhone to notice until the very last second, and decided it would be rude to rush out of my seat through people to try and make the door.

Another sudden stop today, out of 四ツ谷 station. People toppled, I barely moved. And then nobody moved for five or ten minutes. No idea why; Yamanote was a bit disrupted, too, but neither was super late, and I didn't catch anything on the monitors (because I forgot to look).

I keep winning things at コンビニ (not sure what I'm buying, though, that lets me grab stuff out of the boxes). A couple days ago I won some sort of frozen treat at 7-Eleven (not sure what, it actually looked kind of scary and is still sitting in my GF's freezer). Today I won three bottles of mineral water totaling 3020ml! Um, yay. (I just drink tap water, generally.)

And that's the news. Lots of pictures today, might get them posted tonight -- we'll see.

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