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Funny how when I first got here, I had tons of time but not enough to do, now I have tons to do but not enough time (and with the long commute, the inconvenient -- for me -- track practice schedule and such, it really does wear me down, I haven't spent nearly as much time recharging as I should. Somehow it seems more fun to hang out with people and do stuff. Crazy, that). God, I'm really tired, but unlike last week, I feel more on top of things at least.

Also, apparently they're going to be doing water main work on the nearby road here soon. I didn't catch the days, though, I'll have to see (early June?) Also, apparently my Japanese is actually improving, or at least, I've learned some useful things here and there that have actual practical application (like, one, I can actually read 水道工事 on the announcement -- look at me, I'm almost pre-literate!) But I still feel like an idiot most of the time, cuz I don't understand the vast majority of the things people say to me. I mean, at all. :(

Anyway, observation and such...

Had a couple sudden stops on the train lately. Neither one was a 人身事故 but you always wonder about that. Didn't really say what it was the second one was (other than announcing an emergency stop, but the first one was apparently some sort of luggage-related incident). Also, speaking of trains, I swear that rush hour is specifically designed to aggravate sports injuries. Geebus. Incidentally, I don't think I actually have shin splints -- I just have "too much running on pigeon-toe-itis," which is constant sore muscles in weird places in my shins/ankles and knees. Ah, well. Doc wasn't much help, his response to me complaining about shin pain was "oh, it's because your kidneys are failing" (don't you think, you know, it might be the running? Anyway, my blood work came back fine -- better than Denver, so, uh, don't think that's it). Speaking of which, I ought to know my blood type... Whenever I get around to going back. In a couple weeks, I guess. They didn't manage to take enough blood the first day, though, so I had to do it twice (second time when talking about the blood work from the first time). Gah. Also, counting down before they poke me is not nice, I really don't want to know, that's why I don't look.

Had adventures with banks trying to pay my tuition, ended up visiting half the banks in Shibuya. And then wandered around quite a bit some more looking for suits. Ended up getting two for, well, a significant amount of money several days later, but, well, now I have a couple suits (or will in a couple days when they finish adjusting them), and in time for the 上南戦 or whatever other not-quite-justifying-the-purchase-of-two-suits events might still be in my near-to-intermediate future. Yay. The GF was quite helpful throughout these two events (actually, she ended covering the actual payment transaction for both for various reasons, while I covered her payment in cash -- although there was a minor, easily-remedied problem with the tuition thing -- I hope, anyway, at least they haven't contacted me about any further problems).

Also, I like CoCo Ichiban. So far, not really impressively hot, but I'm working my way up the scale. I expect a 10 will be nice, but not the hottest food I've ever had -- that's still my Thai cooking, or the hottest wings I've had in various places. A 10 is possibly the equivalent of the curry at the really kick-ass Indian place in Shibuya when I told them to try and kill me.

Time to study some more.

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