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Day Four

Last full day in Taiwan. Birthday.

Didn't actually do that much today (decided to be lazy and rest my feet), wandered around to 2-28 Peace Park and the Chiang Kai Shek Memoral Hall -- it's pretty ugly, I think, although the guards are kind of cool. Makes me wonder what they think about while they stand there motionless for hours. And what a happy looking dictator he was, judging by the statue. The National Theater and National Concert Hall aren't nearly as tacky. Although honestly I'm not really a fan of the somewhat garish traditional Chinese style, either.

Had beef noodle bowl for lunch, was tasty. Had Thai food for dinner -- slightly different style than you get in the U.S. (more authentic I'm told), but excellent (I do like it both ways). Gives me some ideas for how to modify my own personal curry recipe.

The Taiwanese really do like their food greasy -- I really do too, but it's actually a bit too much after a while.

Tomorrow I fly to Narita -- hopefully today's plane crash (which shut down the main runway for a significant amount of time, apparently) won't screw up my flight. It doesn't seem to have canceled too many flights from Taipei today, so I'm optimistic.

Hopefully this cold I seem to be developing won't be too bad, either.

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