Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Day Two

Did the all-important cultural comparison by going to McDonald's and got myself a $75 burger, my one and only burger of the trip here. I really wanted to get a $100 burger, but that was the most expensive one they had (the meal came out to $105, though). Of course, that's about half what the same thing costs in Japan (the yen is ridiculously strong right now), and (at the current exchange rates) the American version is somewhere in the middle. It didn't really need to be a McDonald's, but the only other burger fast food place I've seen is MOS Burger, and I'd rather do McD's than that. And there aren't terribly many of either around.

Also saw some sort of sausage egg breakfast thing being fried up in one of the little stall. Didn't know what it was, looked really good, was afraid to try and order. Or would have been, if I hadn't already gotten some stuff from the bakery (somewhat Japanese style, was good. A lot greasier though! I though Japanese liked their food greasy, but it's nothing compared to here).

Saw some amazing cow art in City Hall Park (although I kept seeing more cows in other places, like the National Palace Museum, and taibei yi-ling-yi, er, 台北101, er, Taipei 101). And speaking of Taipei 101, that was a fast elevator. I mean, holy shit fast. Could barely see a thing from the top, though, with all the haze. The damping ball was awesome, though.

Milk tea is different here. I think I may have found a flavor I liked, though. Konbinis aren't terribly different than Japan, just a little smaller. And I found anpan. Haven't tried it yet, saving it for later. Will have to try and remember to report later.

Anyway, it's warm and humid, I sweated a lot wandering around. No way I'll ever live here, even if it's marginally better air-conditioned than Japan. It's only March and the weather is already really crappy. It's a lot worse than Houston.

Internet's really shaky in this hotel, too.

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