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Butterfly Pavilion

Went to the Butterfly Pavilion here in Denver (well, technically maybe Westminster or something) on Saturday. And, of course, took my Nikon D700 and 105mm macro lens to give them a workout.

Could have gotten better pictures, I guess. It could have been brighter (it was cloudy outside, and even though there wouldn't have been direct sunlight inside the greenhouse area, it would have made things brighter), I could maybe have brought my flash (which I really need to learn how to use properly), but all things being equal, some of the pictures turned out passably. Nothing really spectacular, though, the really tight depth-of-field for the wide open-lens made for lots of blurry wings and such, and even wide-open the exposure times were still too long for hand-held. Maybe I'll go up again before I leave and try again.

I give you some sort of unidentified butterfly:

Click through for the set, as always.

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