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Housewarming Party

So, time to have a party next Saturday, Feb 7th. I should be more or less recovered by then, or possibly dead.


My place, 4PM. (If you need directions, send me an email, etc.)

I'll cook a big pot of Thai curry (I won't make it too hot, but it's Thai curry, so fair warning), and lots of rice, but it's very unlikely it will be enough to feed everyone, so let's say either BYOB or some sort of appetizer/dessert/whatnot (but not both, people usually bring too much. Leftovers are nice, but prefer not to be buried in them). Please RSVP so I can get a head count, and let me know what you're bringing (just in case we get really unbalanced, although it will probably be fine).

We'll probably hang out all night playing Rock Band and whatnot, so you're absolutely welcome to come late.

I think that's it.
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