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Favorite Pictures Of 2008

For no particular reason, I've decided to post my favorite 20 pictures of 2008 (it's still January, not too late yet). So, without any further ado (or maybe slight ado? What the heck is ado, anyway?), here they are:

(#20) Jizo along the path to the Kanmangafuchi Abyss, in Nikko:

(#19) Small waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park:

(#18) Umeda Sky Building, in Osaka:

(#17) Maple leaf on tree, in Nara:

(#16) View of Kyoto from the Silver Pavilion (Ginkaku-ji):

(#15) Maple leaf and tiles, in Kyoto:

(#14) Fallen aspen leaves, Rocky Mountain National Park:

(#13) Red Gate of Miyajima:

(#12) Flamingo, Denver Zoo:

(#11) Himeji Castle:

(#10) Lego sand trooper:

(#9) Double Arch in Arches National Park:

(#8) Mallard, Denver Zoo:

(#7) Bamboo grove, behind the Silver Pavilion (Ginkaku-ji) in Kyoto:

(#6) Goose swimming in Duck Pond, City Park, Denver:

(#5) Sleeping sea lion, Denver Zoo:

(#4) Leaves and moss, Kyoto:

(#3) African birds, Denver Zoo:

(#2) Pensive brown bear, Denver Zoo:

And finally, my favorite picture:

(#1) Gardens of Kinkaku-ji, in Kyoto:

And that's it. It's somewhat hard to really pick a favorite, though. Depending on my mood, or the time of day, anything in the top ten (or more!) could be it.

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