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Part Eight

Pictures from Japan, part VIII: Nara, Osaka, and home again

I visited Nara the next-to-last day I was in Japan. I didn't know what I was going to do, but a friend suggested Nara (and Kobe -- I never did make it to Kobe) and at the last minute, we decided to go there.

The last day, I wandered around Osaka a bit, then was off to the airport and (eventually) back home. Jet lag is a b*tch.

Shinsekai ("New World," but not so new anymore, and one of the most run-down places in Japan. But the old tower there is still neat, in an immediately-post-war industrial kind of way):

[Pictures start from the link to the right, older pictures are to the left.]

This is it, the last set. The whole set is available here.

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