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[Copied from my newsgroup]

This is starting to look like a good year for my teams. USA finished their sweep of their group in the Women's World Cup today. The Chiefs are now 4-0 and looking like a fairly solid, well-rounded team. Even the Avs picked up a few good players in the off-season to make up for the loss of Roy (and, uh, hopefully for still-recent events which I won't refer to here). Best of all, Rice won the College World Series (and even better, I was actually there to see it. Whatever else happens, that's probably the sports highlight of the decade for me).

I watched the World Cup game today... An easy win for team USA, despite sitting a number of stars to rest them up for elimination play. I didn't watch the Chiefs game, as it wasn't televised here, I only know how that one went by the highlights and what I've read (I still managed to get a fair measure of the tension from the game by checking the scoreboards periodically. Yikes).

Tough win by the Chiefs... Would have been worse if it was a tough loss. But, their defense showed up and (arguably) won the game for them (either that or Dante Hall, it's really a toss-up). And the fact that they actually had a defense... Well, it's a good sign, even if the Ravens D more or less stopped the O cold. And I think 4-0 is a good sign, too, no matter the historical precedents. Ultimately, I don't think precedents mean much of anything in this game... If they make the playoffs, they make the playoffs. If the go farther, they go farther. We'll find out when we find out. I'm hoping, though.

I'm still hoping for a dominating win over Denver next week. But really, I'll pretty much take any win at all. 4-1 may be pretty good, but losing to Denver never is (even in a losing season, sweeping Denver is a fine consolation prize).

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