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Rice 38, Western Michigan 14

Texas Bowl. It wasn't remotely as close as the score -- Rice didn't give up a point (and could probably have tacked on a few more) until they put in the scrubs in the fourth quarter (38 unanswered points to start the game).

Their first bowl win since 1954.

Their first 10-3 season since... Ever? Probably since at least then (okay, 1949 apparently).

I mean, they're actually pretty good.

As for the Broncos of Western Michigan, well... That name hasn't been a particularly lucky one this week.

I'm pretty sure I'm not in the same universe I went to school in, this is some sort of alternate universe.

Also, ran into an old college friend at the bowl watching party downtown, had a great time. I kinda wish I'd had a DVR for this, and a station I could have recorded it off of (not just for nostalgia's sake, the TVs at the ESPN Zone were also tiny and useless, barely even saw the game. Not recommended).

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