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College Applications

Bleh, applications suck.

As you may know, if you actually read this blog, I applied to three schools in Tokyo for the April semester.

Keio, well, that didn't work out. Not really surprised, the whole application process was a cluster f*ck. They didn't even spell my name right in the correspondence (I can see people messing up my last name, happens all the time even here, but Doullas? Uh...)

Really wanted to get into Waseda. Didn't. Application process went very smoothly, but... Well, don't really know why I didn't get in, they don't tell you anything. Don't really know how competitive it was, so have no idea what my odds might have been.

Of the three, Sophia had the nicest campus, although I think their program suited me the least (on paper, Keio's suited me best, but if the rest was anything like the application process... Well, I think I was well on the way to turning them down even if they didn't turn me down).

And today... I got into Sophia. So I'm moving to Japan for school sometime in March.
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