Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

En Route

Back to Denver. Free internet at Kansai, kind of surprise.

Time to go home. A bit sick of Japan now -- well, not Japan per se, but the constant travel thing, good to go back home for a while. It's tiring, especially so much solo. Last Lotteria today. Last クリームパン and Royal Milk Tea. Way too much yen left over (and not just change, which I've mostly used up), but I can use that next time. Call it an investment?

Anyway, didn't have much to do today, or enough time to do anything ambitious, what with my flight this afternoon and all, so wandered around somewhat aimlessly (and as usual, aimless worked out pretty well).

Did a loop around the 大阪環状線 (Osaka Loop Line), although it's kind of a sad loop, since you have to get on and off at 天王寺駅 (Tennouji Station) to do a full loop (the trains from there continue on to Kyoto and Nara and suchlike). Which I did, but interrupted-like. The train I was on first was too hot, so hopped off at 大阪城公園駅 (Osaka Castle Park Station), wandered around the park a bit (where I got my Japanese corrected by a correct older gentleman in the park who wanted to chat (yes, it's true, I wasn't being very polite. Bad habits. I'm a rude gaijin. すみません). Then the next train I was on stopped for a while at 新大正駅 (Shin-Taishou Station), and I noticed 通天閣 (Tsuutenkaku, er, tower) out the window, so decided to wander over there before hopping back on for the last leg (just one last station).

It looked just like a certain game Dusty might know. And man, 新世界 (Shinsekai -- New World?) is the first neighborhood I've ever wandered around in while I was in Japan where I felt a bit... Uncomfortable. And not in the "damn, do I stand out here" way, but the "man, these guys could totally kick my ass if I look at them wrong" kind of way. That was something else.

Of course, Denver has worse. And nothing in Denver comes close to touching the neighborhood I grew up in. And it was broad daylight, so not really worried, or anything. But still. I think I really would avoid that place at night.

But, anyway.

One last note -- I officially dislike flying through KIX now. Transferring from the subway to the 南海のなんば駅 (Nankai Namba Station) was every bit as confusing as before -- and this time, I knew where I was going. It didn't help. And the train was confusing... After two tries, I still wasn't in the right seat -- first time anything like that has ever happened to me. And compared to 777's, 747's suck.


But back home soon.

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