Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Things I Learned Today

First off, add 栃木県 to the visited list (along with the others already added).

Let's see:

There are an awful lot of stairs in 日光市 (Nikko). Also, it's quite gaudy -- but the 憾満ガ淵 (Kanmangafuchi Abyss), 中禅寺湖 (Lake Chuzenji) and 華厳ノ滝 (Kegon Falls) are quite nice. I seriously doubt pictures will do the last justice, alas.

I think 憾満ガ淵 counts as pretty obscure kanji.

Noticed a very clever train etiquette campaign by... JT. Ah, hmmm. Well, I'll probably take some pictures of the ads tomorrow, maybe.

I really hate the buses in Japan. I mean, do they do everything they can to make them confusing, or what? Ended up paying way too much for a taxi after giving up (although later I figured out what was going on, too late -- there wasn't actually a three-hour break in the schedule like it seemed).

The メガマフィン (MegaMuffin) would probably be better without the ketchup. And the boiled bacon, come to think of it.

Also, the テリヤキワッパー (Teriyaki Whopper) -- not exactly the genius concept you might think once put in practice. I suffer for science.

Well, crash time. Slow day tomorrow, gonna sleep in between two really early days, need to find an ATM and do a load of laundry in there, no ambitious plans, really -- but hitting 京都 on Friday.

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