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Calling All Minions

I have a mission for my readers, should they know anything about it (and for the record, my own investigation is ongoing). What I'm looking for is a TV show, apparently created in Japan, apparently available here somewhere in subtitles called "Sakura" (yes, yes, it's about a Japanese girl. Of course she has to be named Sakura).

From what my informant has told me, the show is about a yonsei (or is it shisei? I dunno which term is correct, although I'm guessing the former) Japanese-American girl who goes back to Japan as a teacher and the culture shock that ensues. Given my current plans, I'm especially interested in finding this somehow, even if it didn't already sound completely fascinating (in the sense that Lost in Translation was fascinating. All those anime shows and samurai flicks are fun, yes, but they don't have a damned thing to do with the real Japan).

I made the mistake of searching for "Sakura," BTW. No hits, of course, among the ten bazillion random crappy Sakura anime matches.

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