Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Things I Like About Japan

How every train station in the middle of every reasonably large city in Japan is really confusingly laid out.

How I always forget to bring something (this time: charger for shaver. So, shaving every other day instead of every day).

How I always lose my cheap konbini umbrella -- this time, on the first day, after one use (probably in Shin-Osaka station somewhere). Of course, having immediately replaced it, haven't needed one since.

How my feet get beat up with all the walking. Worst the first day this time, no big deal since -- just had to break them in a bit this time, I guess.

Lotteria. Zeppin W cheezeburger for the win.

Konbini food for the train, generally some sort of pan. With royal milk tea.

Kirin ginger beer (makes up a little for not finding any Ebisu Black). Not terribly ginger-y, but not too bad.

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