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日本語 Study/Review

Starting (more or less) at the beginning (trying to burn things in, this is systematic only if you're me, but if you are, it is):

Particle: (wa), denotes topic


  • Xは日本語で言いますか (X wa Nihongo de iimasu ka), how do you say X in Japanese?
  • ご苦労さま[でした] (gokurousama [deshita]), thank you for your trouble


  • 全部 (zenbu), whole, altogether
  • 昨日、今日、明日 (kinou, kyou, ashita), yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • 違う, 同じ (chigau, onaji), to differ from, same
  • 辞書, 新聞, 雑誌 (jisho, shinbun, zasshi), dictionary, newspaper, magazine
  • 面白い, つまらない (omoshiroi, tsumaranai), interesting, dull
  • 建物, 学校, 銀行 (tatemono, gakkou, ginkou), building, school, bank
  • 考える (kangaeru), to consider
  • 待つ (matsu), to wait
  • 乗る (noru), to ride, board
  • 会う (au), to meet
  • 書く, 読む (kaku, yomu), to write, to read
  • 死ぬ (shinu), to die
  • 住む (sumu), to live, to inhabit
  • 家 (uchi), house
  • 帰る (kaeru), to return
  • 今夜 (kon'ya), tonight
  • 歩く (aruku), to walk
  • 間 (aida), interval


こ (ko-)そ (so-)あ (a-)ど (do-)
personこちら (kochira)
this person
そちら (sochira)
that person
あちら (achira)
that person over there
どなた (donata)/だれ (dare)
objectこれ (kore)
それ (sore)
あれ (are)
that over there
どれ (dore)/どっち (dotchi)
which (of more than two/of two)
placeここ (koko)
そこ (soko)
あそこ (asoko)
over there
どこ (doko)
adjectivesこの (kono)
this (thing)
その (sono)
that (thing)
あの (ano)
that (thing) over there
どの (dono)
which (thing)
こんな (konna)
this kind of
そんな (sonna)
that kind of
あんな (anna)
that kind of
どんな (donna)
which kind of
directionこちら (kochira)
this way
そちら (sochira)
that way
あちら (achira)
over that way
どちら (dochira)
which way
adverbsこう (kou)
this way
そう (sou)
that way
ああ (aa)
that way
どう (dou)
what way
こんなに (konna ni)
like this
そんなに (sonna ni)
like that
あんなに (anna ni)
like that
どんなに (donna ni)
like what

Kanji: First 200 by combined Freq/Stroke/常用 (jouyou/grade)

Audio: Intro through Lesson 2

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