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Apple Stuff

So, got VMWare Fusion, on the recommendations of several people. Also snagged a copy of XP, which is way better than Vista in a VM, I think. Other than maybe the fact that installing it in book camp then moving it to a VM confused it horribly, and it now thinks it's not registered. So will need to waste time talking to Microsoft in the next few days. Feh.

I think it might actually work okay for gaming (at least the low-key gaming I do) -- it's pretty snappy and I think the VM is fully accelerated. It's pretty hot.

Also got Aperture after reading up on some reviews of it and Light Room. Aperture seems to fit my needs better, although I haven't played with it yet. Decided I don't need Photoshop, though. The GIMP works fine, the major things Photoshop would get me that the GIMP doesn't I don't need right now.

Of course, there's a fly, a big ugly fly, and that's the fact that Apple isn't shipping the mini-DisplayPort to dual DVI adapter for five weeks. Frack. I'll have a 30" paperweight soon, but maybe I can at least hook it up to the work ThinkPad.

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