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Climbed 60 flights of stairs today. 44 of them with one of the guys from work (36 floors to the top of our office building, plus another 8 back up to our office). Another two sets of 8 during the day.

Not a great time, but progress (I took about nine more seconds on Monday. But I hadn't had a beer at work already on Monday, plus less sore from not climbing stairs over the weekend like I do every day at work).

My building:

Anyway, right now, there are three of us in the office training for a stair climb up the tallest building in Denver (the Republic Plaza Building) in February... Although for my part, I'd climb the stairs anyway for the workout (I already was -- although not the whole building -- before I knew about the race). The Republic Plaza is 55 floors, although we'll only be doing the first 53 floors -- the last two floors aren't accessible for whatever reason:

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