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So, put an offer on a house a few days ago, and after a little negotiating, got the house under contract. Today, did the inspection, which went quite well (you always take things with a grain of salt, but the inspector said this house was in about as good of condition as he'd ever seen. It is in excellent shape -- it's a seven-year-old house, but in most respects might as well be new -- only issue of any consequence was a dirty furnace, which the seller already agreed to get cleaned).

It's hard to complain about the house I liked best in that neighborhood also being the cheapest (not counting a foreclosure in pretty bad shape) -- but in the current depressed market, a lot of people have unreasonably high asking prices, especially since this is about the time (a few years in) that a lot of people realize they bought more house than they could afford when the housing development was new (it was priced right -- the seller is an appraiser with a broker's license, and knows what they're doing). The timing for me turned out to be quite good, and while the location isn't completely perfect, I'm fairly happy with it (ten minutes off the light-rail terminus, connected to my favorite bike trail in Denver).

And, after looking at twenty or thirty houses, I knew I'd found what I was looking for when I found it.

That said... Well, I need to look at the HOA rules. It isn't an expensive one (in fact, it costs about the same as trash pickup, which it includes), but... Rules, man. Rules. I'd be stuck watering a lawn (a cursory glance seems to indicate that xeriscaping is right out), which I'm philosophically opposed to in Colorado. :-/

So, pictures (one inside, one outside, both link to the set):

Dave and Dusty, I suspect you'll have particular interest in seeing these; also, we can go look at it when you have some time if you like, I'll set it up.
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