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So I've got a journal...

...Yeah, yeah so what.

Thing is, I kinda like the idea of this thing. There's some satisfaction in have a "face" that I picked (ooh, pretty colors), and being able to stick up stupid little emoticons and pictures and all this other random stuff. And, presumably, joining another community is kinda nice (that is, it's nice if you're actually part of it. Lurking around the edges is usually kinda pointless).

But. But. But... Well, is it worth it? I've already got a newsgroup that pretty much fills the same role, and it's already populated with people I know (including one or two of the three or four people that will probably read this). As it is, I've horribly neglected my newsgroup of late, for various reasons: partly because I wasn't in the mood to actually interact with anybody there, but mostly because there hasn't been much to tell. The potential move to Japan has kinda frittered out inconclusively, I haven't done any new art in a while, nothing particularly interesting has happened around here... I've mostly been sitting around, working on my Japanese, watching Anime, avoiding working on my BFFN, that sort of thing. None of it makes good copy. But still, back to the here and now... Do I really want to get sucked into this? Will I actually stick with it very long? I just don't know.

And, well... The flavor here is different. For whatever reason, people seem to feel a lot more comfortable airing their angst around here. And I'm not really that interested in reading angst, and even when I do, I don't really feel like I have anything to say (beyond "yeah, that sucks" -- pretty much a null comment). I don't really like commenting on anything unless I actually have something to say. And for myself, I don't really like airing my angst. It's mine, dammit, go find your own. More to the point, it's boring.

So, why am I here? What do I have to say? Clearly, I don't know the answer to either question, because I'm here anyway, and I'm not really saying anything, am I? So it goes. We'll see, I guess. Maybe I'll cross-copy some of the stuff I post in my newsgroup over the next couple of weeks and see if it sticks.

And that's pretty much the news.

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