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10 June 2008 @ 09:57 pm
Not The Best  
So, went golfing today for the first time in almost twenty years. Or at least, went to a driving range. Of course, I guess there's a reason I never spent much time golfing, since while I was hitting the ball more or less in a straight line, maybe not super-far, but farther than ten feet, more or less most of the time, I also destroyed a club and ejected the head somewhere deep into the field (it's still out in the field somewhere, have to see about recovering it in the morning when they open again).

I dunno if this is the sort of thing to convince me I need to pick up golfing. Another expensive hobby... And then, of course, there's my general opinion of golf courses (I'm, uh, pretty strongly anti-). So, I don't think it's going to happen, but I get it was moderate fun. Until I destroyed the equipment, at least (did the same thing to a snowboard binding wiping out last time I snowboarded, too. I'm starting to see a pattern).

Anyway, when we got back, our modem had stopped paying attention to the world -- or maybe, more precisely, the inside world, since nothing could talk to it -- and had to do a hard reset to factory defaults to get it working again. Of course, that lost the PPP login and password.

Can't say I was too impressed with how long it took the tech to get that to me, or with the support in general (once I had the right credentials, I more or less fixed it myself -- I suppose that's all I really wanted, the credentials, but it still took a reboot I initiated on my own to stick).

Feh. I guess it's all better now.
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Douglas Triggsdoubt72 on June 16th, 2008 03:38 am (UTC)
Re: I'm almost afraid
I've always been more or less a natural at anything involving hand-eye coordination. Which isn't to say I should have been a professional baseball player or something -- it's never been tested to that extent -- but I pick up sports more or less naturally, and I was whacking the ball surprisingly well considering.

In fact, the last time I played any basketball -- a game I really hate, especially since it's hard on my ankles -- I found out that when I'm tired, I have a weird super-power: I simply can't miss the basket. I swear, every single shot would go in. It was actually a bit eerie.

At any rate, it might not have even been a bad swing catching the turf that finished off that club, but it's really hard to say -- it probably was, I'd guess.