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Yack Yack Yack In The Checkbox

I think I scared the poor survey lady at Yack in the Box today...

After asking where I'd come from and such:
"So, when you leave, will you be going home, or to work?"

"So, where did you hear about Jack in the Box?"
"I heard one had opened in Denver on the internet, so I knew Jack was Back."

"So, have you eaten at Jack in the Box in other cities before?"
"Yes, all of them, I made a point of eating at Jack in the Box when traveling. Well, other fast food places you can't get here, too, Whataburger, In 'N' Out, or Lotteria or First Kitchen when I'm in Japan..." [Yes, even White Castle, for the record. Or Steak 'n' Shake or Culvers... Although I haven't actually been to the Culvers in Thornton yet... Mr. Dave, we soooo have to make a roadtrip sometime!]

I bet she just threw my survey responses out. :)
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