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Avs 3, Wild 2 (OT)

Did I remember that the playoffs started yesterday? No, I did not, at least not until I was reminded during overtime. Don't have much excuse (I mean, I knew we had tickets for a playoff game next week, even), except between work and school, hella busy.

Did I watch the game? No, I did not, although it was re-played later that night on the tube of boob. Huh, that sounds... I mean... Oh, never mind. I'm not sure I could have made the time for this particular game, anyway.

However, the Avs managed to win without me, so that's good. (Exciting game? So I hear.) And I guess it means that the tickets Dusty got for Tuesday will be guaranteed to be usable (since theoretically, it being game four in what I believe is a best-of-seven, they could have been swept away by bad fortune). It will actually be my first (Avalanche) game in Pepsi center -- I haven't seen them in person since McNichols Arena (that ought to date it. I've seen a Nuggets game at Pepsi, though. Took free tickets to get me to go to an NBA game, for the record. They sucked back then. Actually, they still kind of suck... Well, that's not true. They don't suck too bad, they just happen to be in the conference with all the good teams, so might miss the playoffs anyway).

Do I have an Avs icon? No, I do not. I will by the next game, though. My excuse here is that it's been a couple years since they were in the playoffs, and, well... One of those long season type games, you know. I just watch them off and on, and kinda hasn't been the same since the lockout and all that.

(And go Royals! Damn. I know it can't be real, though, if the Orioles are also doing that well. Clearly, all a fantasy to be straightened out at a later date. But nice in the meantime. Rockies off to a uninspiring start, and Astros... Well, whatever. Early yet, we'll see.)

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