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This Was A Triumph

It's amazing how annoying a night without internet can be. We had to go steal it in the parking lot of another motel after we saved a little too much money. Oops.

Other than that, things went pretty well. Of course, we did take a wrong turn in Jackson Hole on the way to Yellowstone, and ended up here in southern Utah (hi, Tiassa! Went through too early to make it possible to drop by and say hi or do dinner or anything, but that was as expected, I suppose, hence the low-probability of being able to visit. But we waved! I mean, you know, sorta, since we didn't really know exactly where you were. Well, okay, we thought about waving. Maybe).

Funny how they close Yellowstone in Spring. I mean, really, Banff is open, why isn't Yellowstone? It's Spring! The snow is only half a dozen feet deep.

Anyway, Jackson Hole... Got great pictures of the Tetons, as there weren't any mountains to block our view of the fog. And snow all the way from there to Logan (this being spring, you know, that winter thing being over and all, the snow was higher than the car in Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah on the way. I guess you probably can ski in Utah after all, as was rumored with the 2002 Olympics.

Apparently there's also this big puddle of saltwater in Utah. Who knew? The grey of the water contrasted nicely with the gray skies.

But, there was a Jack in the Box in Idaho Falls, making the trip a clear triumph, regardless of any minor navigational errors.

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