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Stupid Human Tricks

So... I was driving along today, and I see this guy in a Nissan Quest minivan. And I notice him tossing a gum wrapper out the sunroof (or something like a gum wrapper -- small and crumpled-paper-y, pretty sure it wasn't a cigarette), and I think to myself "asshole," like I usually think about people who litter (littering, not one of my favorite things).

Anyway, eventually he gets onto the freeway ahead of me, and rushes over to the left lane, driving a bit aggressively, I think (and I'm an aggressive driver, so when I think somebody's being too aggressive, well...) With his left blinker stuck on. In the left lane. For a few miles down the freeway. Tailgating people pretty badly. And tossing the occasional wrapper out the sunroof. And I'm thinking "idiot asshole."

And then he makes a sharp set of lane changes to make an exit at the last second. Which was bad enough, except he kind of missed the exit lane, and slammed into the barrier on the side of the freeway at about fifty miles per hour (I'm guessing, since he was actively breaking at the time, meaning with his wheels, not the wall until the last second). It was an exceptionally poor driving performance, since even in the XTerra, even breaking to get behind the guy getting on the freeway -- which he passed on the right immediately before hitting the wall -- I could have made it pretty easily, I think. Fortunately (for him, anyway -- I wouldn't have shed too many tears as long as he didn't take anyone with him), it was a glancing blow, and after leaving debris all over the freeway (presumably from what was left from the right side of his minivan, which I couldn't see from the left lane), he could still drive off (didn't look like the airbags had deployed, either).

Damned impressive all around.

I really hope it was his minivan, I'd hate to think it was stolen or something.

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