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As of Monday, I'll be driving a new 2008 Nissan XTerra X (in "night armor" -- well, I'm already driving a silver one, but it's a loaner), more or less stock (I got the side airbags, though. They threw in a bug deflector because it was already on the color I wanted -- anybody happen to know if those have any effect on gas mileage? Given how Colorado is pretty much bug-free in any practical sense, it's not something I have any need for).

Somehow -- pretty much no matter how the insurance settles out, but especially if it goes the way I expect -- I'll end up with more money than I had before the accident. Albeit at the cost of a fairly large chunk of debt. The first debt I've had in about three years, actually, which I'm not super happy about, but I guess that's life. :-/

Of course, I'll be replacing the stereo sometime, probably with more or less the same unit I had in the Civic (as far as I know, if they total the car, they get the stereo). Question is, would it be worth upgrading the speakers? I'm going to give them a listen first -- it can't be worse than the Civic, as apparently it's got a couple extra speakers, but I doubt it's actually any better. But honestly, I don't know much about the technical side of car audio. If it didn't cost too much, and it actually makes a difference, I'd probably be interested in upgrading them.

On the other hand, I'm not interested in getting a subwoofer that would vibrate the car off the road. Those things are just annoying. And I'm not willing to give up any cargo space for anything, either.
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