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Martial Arts And Other Stuffs.

So, let's see... There were a couple things I wanted to do in the next couple of weeks. One, find Chinese classes (but Metro has those, so I think I'll drop by and see about registering tomorrow). Two, martial arts. Well, okay -- three, fix my car -- it's mostly done, at the cost of multi-hundred $$$, but most of that was for the tires. Which were dire and bald. But now that I have a heater again, and new tires, I'm ready(-ish) for winter. Yay, winter!

They didn't get around to fixing the speedometer, though, so I'll take care of that later. But at least now the car's safe(-ish) for winter driving.

Oh, yeah, the martial arts thing:

Let's see... Things I'm looking for...

Not too expensive -- I'm not made of money these days, and, well, financially things are kind of up in the air in the near future.

Not interesting in combat focus. It's not useful to me -- I've never been in a fight. And well, I don't think I'd really want to fight me already anyway. What I am interested in are the fitness and discipline angles. Sparring is fun, I guess, but I'd prefer that not be a huge emphasis.

Not interested in a cult.

Given a choice between linear and circular styles, I'd pick circular. It's prettier. There's something to be said for that. Given a choice between wide-open and close-in, I'd prefer something that doesn't emphasize holds and such (see above, and also above).

Not interested in tournaments at all. Been there, done that, I'm fine, thanks. Don't particularly care about belts, and if anything, I'd prefer no formal tests. But those are pretty ubiquitous, so, well, whatever.

I think that covers the highlights.

Of course, I'd also like to find a school where I like the people -- what that means is not terribly well-defined, of course, but friendly and serious without being intense (see cult, above) is good. And enough people. And a healthy mix of people. And, yadda, yadda. Despite the fact that my previous school failed many (in fact, almost all) of those tests, I liked the people there a lot, and I especially liked the sensei -- not as a person (not that he wasn't decent), but of course as a teacher (which is really, really important). Of course, it was a chain, things got political, the sensei was forced out, and the school (for all intents and purposes) died from within -- and it was all about money, money, money. So, well... I guess it was a mixed bag.

I think maybe I'd like to do Tai Chi, but I don't know where I'd find that, really.

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