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What I Did On My Weekend Vacation

So, went to see Dada show on Friday. Was good. The "freeze frame" was hilarious -- but, uh, that would take some explaining. And explaining would make it not better. So, never mind.

Also, they did a "private" show on Saturday for one of the local fans here, which her husband set up for her birthday (and was attended by a bunch of other local fans, including a fair number of people I kinda sorta knew, especially the person who invited me along as a guest). Was a lot of fun, and the bit with Zoltar, um... Well, another thing that would need explaining. If only there were pictures. Which there probably are, but not by me. But it was hilarious.

Good shows, good shows.

After the Saturday thing, we ended up in the birthday girl's basement, you know, jamming out and stuff -- well, other people did the jamming, I mostly sat on the couch sobering up and watching. I drank vast quantities that night, so I was a bit out of it the next day. Getting home after 5AM didn't help. Well, pre-time change 5AM, but it was still way past my bedtime -- I was pretty much out of it Sunday.

And there it was.

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