Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Back Back

Back in Denver. Yay! quick flight time. Yay! on-time arrivals. Yay! Seattle. Boo! needing three trains to get from customs to the gate.

Was greeted by surly immigration man, who was surly even by federal employee standards. Everyone else was remarkably bubbly, though, but maybe he just lowered my expectations. Good thing he was processing the U.S. citizen line, I'd hate to think he'd be someone's first impression upon arriving in America. Welcome to America (you little bastards).

Vending machine technology is definitely lagging in America. The machine in the airport wouldn't take my Suica card, or my yen (I wasn't actually carrying any U.S. currency at the time except two dollar bills. I exchanged everything else at Narita on the way out, but didn't exchange anything on the way back).

So, well... Here I am. A pretty good trip. Only things that went wrong: forgot my Suica card (but that's just 500 yen for a new card, plus the maybe 700 yen I had left on it). Packed the wrong boots (but they were still broken in, if old, so weren't a problem on Fuji-sama. And my feet never got beat up to the extent they were last time, so not having the slightly cushy-er new boots didn't actually matter). Typhoon in Hokkaidou (but brilliant weather after, so that's a wash, too -- I seriously doubt we would have gotten as good of weather without it clearing things out, and too days of clear, sunny weather in Japan? Odds are never good for that, are they?)

Never really made it to the beach, though. Or back to another temple like I'd wanted (I still have a lot of five yen coins). But pretty much everything else worked out.

And now I'm back. Sigh.

Tired, tired, need more sleep. But awake for the moment (kitty wouldn't really let me sleep. He was head-butting me the whole time, because, well, he misses me. He did this last time, too).
Tags: 日本 8/2007

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