Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs


Here. Been here about a day, actually, but didn't have internet until almost noon (nor pants, but that's a long story I'm not going to go into, um, ever), and I spent the first good chunk sleeping after riding the trains back from Fuji-sama anyway.

Baseball game was fail (rained out, also, we didn't have enough tickets, so it's just as well -- perhaps we'll take another shot at it later), but we did hop over and get baseball caps, so Jeff and Paisley can now proudly stand next to each other and spell "BS". Ah, well, the rain was nice, because, you know, is hot.

Also, I got pulled in for interpretation work (no con suite until the convention officially starts tomorrow). Of course, it was a bit of a disaster (hoo boy, my Japanese isn't really up to that, but, well, there still aren't enough people to go around, so, well...)

Anyway, I'll post more about Fuji-sama tomorrow after I get some sleep here.
Tags: 日本 8/2007
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