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...Day two.

Completely uneventful flight, completely on-time (heck, I wasn't particularly early, but by the time I got to the gate they were already boarding and everything, so things went about as smoothly as imaginable). The new train announcements are kind of silly though ("you're boarding the traaaaaaiiin!" done in overly-dramatic radio announcer voice). Drove to Rhinelander (in under three hours, which was quicker than expected, especially since I wasn't speeding too bad) in the Impreza wagon rental (not a bad car, but not perfect, either -- but worlds better than some POS Lumina or something). There was rehearsal dinner (where pretty much no rehearsing was done, with pretty much the full complement of guests, I think), hanging out at the bar, and finally getting to sleep.

But, there's a Culver's across the street from me. Woo! Lunch at Culver's!

So, wedding today, then down to Madison tomorrow afternoon (hi, Evan!)

Gotta find some nice cheese to ship to Hamano...
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