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Andrews Glacier

So, hiked up to Andrews Glacier today. Six hours, maybe nine miles round trip, maybe 2,750 feet total vertical (got some extra distance and altitude hiking from Bear Lake, since the Glacier Gorge parking lot was full, as usual), to an altitude of roughly 11,700 feet.

It was pretty hot, but, well, I got enough altitude early enough (started at about 7:30AM) that I didn't notice it too much. Well, except for being a stinky ball of sweat (it wasn't very hot, it wasn't at all humid, but there was virtually no wind until I got to Andrews Tarn -- that's the main problem with hiking in the morning. The main problem with hiking in the evening is the thunderstorms, so I guess you do what you have to do -- but I guess I just don't like summer all that much. Fall and Spring are better. And so is Winter).

I decided to call it a day when I hit the glacier -- my knees were starting to bother me, and I didn't want to wear myself out too much, since I'll be climbing two fourteeners tomorrow.

Anyway, a good day. Saw a fox, deer, chipmunks, a black squirrel, marmots, trout, Clarks nuthatches (no Stellars or gray jays, alas), and some elk near the Loch (unfortunately, I only got one picture of the Elk that even would have been decent -- if it hadn't been completely out of focus since the camera focused on the pine needles in front of me). But anyway, a good day for wildlife, even as the wildflowers have started to fade. And, of course, there are pictures of some of them (full set past the link, as usual):

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