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Japan Trip Plans

Okay, I guess this is probably my final set of plans for the Japan trip, in all their totally ludicrous specificness. Hey, it's just a plan, doesn't really mean anything.

23 Aug (Thu) - Depart Denver, switch planes in Seattle.

24 Aug (Fri) - Arrive Narita, pick up luggage, customs, change money, yadda, yadda, catch the Keisei Skyliner to Nippori, catch the Yamanote to Uguisudani, check in at my hotel, drop off my luggage, walk to the konbini across the street, buy anpan and/or kureemupan. Possibly some onigiri, too (possibly, may do dinner with people that night if they have time, but whichever, am planning to crash early -- if all goes well, it's an early afternoon arrival at Narita, so it's just possible).

25 Aug (Sat) - Hop the Yamanote to Kanda, early breakfast at Rotteria! Brunch (maybe) with a Tokyo Nippon2007 staff member friend (wherever she decides), possibly one or two other people. Depends how busy people are. Afterwards, wander off to Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, look at electronic dictionaries, maybe buy one. Afterwards, if I have enough energy, wander up to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, check out Gyoza Stadium, perhaps find some Gyuutan Ice Cream in Ice Cream City (ask Laurel why). Collapse.

26 Aug (Sun) - Get up super early, ship my suitcase to Yokohama (or, possibly, give it to my friend in Tokyo who will be rooming with me in Yokohama if he's got room for it), ride the Yamanote around to Shinjuku, catch the Limited Express to Ootsuki, catch the Local train to the Fuji-go-ko, drop off the backback in a locker, wander around the lakes, pick up backpack, wander back to Fuji-Yoshida, drop off luggage at the hotel, check out the matsuri, drink beer, eat delicious vendor stall food, crash.

27 Aug (Mon) - Get up early, catch the bus up to fifth station. Hike up to eighth station. Crash early at the hut.

28 Aug (Tue) - Get up before dawn, hike to the top of Fuji, watch sunrise, hike down, catch bus, train, etc. to Yokohama. First night in Yokohama, effective beginning of WorldCon, albeit the work part. During the WorldCon, want to do the following things: go to the top of the Landmark Tower. Go to the Ramen Museum. Baseball game on Wednesday night with the KC'09 committee. Drink lots of beer. Sing karaoke. The rest of the time I'll mostly be working.

04 Sep (Tue) - Exchange JR Pass at Yokohama station. Shinkansen to Hachinohe. Limited Express to Hakodate. First night in Hokkaidou, staying in Hakodate.

05 Sep (Wed) - Wander around Hakodate. Catch train to Sapporo. Wander around Sapporo. Perhaps find the Sapporo Brewery. Night in Sapporo.

06 Sep (Thu) - Train to Asahikawa. Wander around for a couple hours, train to Bihoro, first night in Bihoro.

07 Sep (Fri), 08 Sep (Sat) - Two full days in Bihoro, with trips to Shiretoko Peninsula/National Park (we're planning to take the boat ride along the shore), and Akan Lake/National Park (to see the marimo!) Plans are reasonably loose here, though, but those are the things I want to do most.

09 Sep (Sun) - Catch train from Bihoro to Hakodate (that's probably about eight hours on the train). Night in Hakodate.

10 Sep (Mon) - Limited Express to Hachinohe. Shinkansen to Tokyo. Night in Uguisudani. It's just barely possible I might have time to stop somewhere on the way back (Sendai? Matsushima?), but we'll see.

11 Sep (Tue) - Wander around Tokyo during the day, off to Narita in the afternoon, depart Narita. Change planes in Seattle. Arrive in Denver, several hours (hopefully, this time!) before I leave.

Enjoy jetlag hangover. Go to NanDesuKan the next weekend. Die.

...So, who else is gonna be there? When you gonna be there?

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