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In Which A Happy Dance Occurs

So, things are better this week.

First, when I took my PowerBook in last week to see about the keyboard, I got out in fifteen minutes. They popped on a new "j" key for me (no charge, no replacing the entire keyboard, quick and painless). Of course, that was only five minutes, I spent the other ten getting a new battery, as the old one's really starting to show its age (it gets a lot of use, since I use that box unplugged all the time).

I didn't end up putting in a bigger hard drive -- after looking into the procedure, I decided that since I didn't have access to a data center worth of tools anymore, it wasn't really practical to do on my own (you totally have to take the whole damned thing apart to change the drive). I guess I can live with the smaller HD for a while... I'll get a bigger one when I replace the laptop eventually (here's still hoping Apple eventually comes out with a new 12" laptop). Ah, well.

Other good things, too. My Japanese is starting to feel... Well, not remotely fluent, of course, but actually usable. More or less. At any rate, it's infinitely better than it was last time I went to Japan, and is improving noticeably.

Best of all, my glasses came in -- I'll pick them up tomorrow, so that worry is gone. So, I'll have the lighter sunglasses (not glacier glasses all the time! ...Although I'll bring them for Fuji-sama), and new glasses, plus the spare. So, I'm prepared in case I lose them again. Which I seriously doubt will actually happen (of course, now that I have a spare set, you know I won't need it). Asakusa was the only time I've ever lost a pair of glasses, and I didn't do anything different than what I normally do with them -- I've destroyed a pair now and then, but not since college, and that was over a decade ago now.

Anyway... Woo. Starting to get excited.

I've already gotten pretty much everything significant I need for the Japan trip taken care of now. Need to take in my sports coat in to be cleaned for the wedding in Wisconsin next weekend, though.

*happy dance*

...If only the stuff I was working on would behave a little better, frickin' SQL. Hard to get too worked up too much about that, though, since eventually I will prevail. That's the sort of dragon I get paid to slay.

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