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Went hiking this morning, wandered around Roxborough, took pictures. Will report later (sorted the pics, but haven't uploaded them, been busy doing errands, and am currently taking a break at Starbucks).

Good news: I got glasses. They should arrive in two to three weeks.

Bad news: worst case, they may not show up until I'm already in Japan. Not sure what I'll do in that case (possibly go to Japan with my old pair and no spares), but I decided to roll the dice -- I've got four and a half weeks to go.

Good news: got three pairs, including a pair of sunglasses (so I'll have something besides my glacier glasses for normal daily use. Glacier glasses are kinda overkill for that).

Bad news: cost me a tad over $550.

Good news: with the titanium frames, thin lenses (with my five diopters of fun, lenses are either expensive or heavy) and a few other minor upgrades, it's probably more than $1200 worth of glasses, and probably still less what two pairs of equivalent glasses would have cost, even with discounts. Of course, I could have gotten cheaper glasses, too, but there's only so much you can shave off the cost and still have reasonably nice ones.

So, uh, here's hoping they show up in time.

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