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Japan Trip Plans

Well, it's time to work out a tentative schedule, start making reservations and all that. So, let's see:

- Thu 23 Aug - Depart Denver (8:30A).
- Fri 24 Aug - Arrive Narita (2:55P) - spend the night somewhere in Tokyo, cursing the jet lag.
- Sat 25 Aug - Free day in Tokyo. Hang out. Shake fist impotently at jet lag. Night in Tokyo.
- Sun 26 Aug - Make way to Fuji-Yoshida, explore the five lakes, spend night in Fuji-Yoshida.
- Mon 27 Aug - Endless death march -- I mean, climb up Fuji-san, starting bright and early from Fuji-Yoshida. Spend night in hut somewhere around 8th or 9th station or whatever.
- Tue 28 Aug - Watch sunrise on Fuji-san. Descend. Make way to Yokohama, first night in Yokohama; beginning of WorldCon for all intents and purposes.

>>> Insert WorldCon here <<<

- Mon 03 Sep - Last night of WorldCon. Party like it's 2007.

From here, it starts getting a bit fuzzy, but possibly:

- Tue 04 Sep - Exchange JR Pass. Take shinkansen north, spend night in Sendai.
- Wed 05 Sep - Ride boat around Matsushima islands. Shinkansen to Akita. Spend night in Akita.
- Thu 06 Sep - Go to Tazawako, wander around aimlessly. Spend night in Akita.
- Fri 07 Sep - Ride train along northwest coast of Touhoku to Aomori, continue on to Hakodate, spend night.
- Sat 08 Sep - Wander around Hakodate. Wander on to and around Sapporo, spend night.
- Sun 09 Sep - Wander around someplace near Sapporo, possibly Asahikawa. Spend night in Sapporo.
- Mon 10 Sep - Last day on JR Pass, long transit back to Tokyo from Hokkaidou, spend night in Tokyo.
- Tue 11 Sep - Depart Narita (5:00P), arrive over two hours earlier in Denver (2:44P).

Love to squeeze in Dakikaeri Gorge and Lake Towadako, don't think I'll manage it. Or really a full tour of Hokkaidou, but that would take a week and a car rental, most likely, and I don't really want to rent a car this trip. That whole stretch is pretty flexible, though, so hard to say how it will work out.

Update: the wildcard is Fuji-yoshida. I didn't have any trouble finding information on the huts and such up on Fuji-san (although I still need to figure out if a couple days lead time is enough to make reservations during that part of the season), but it looks like I'll be showing up during the 富士吉田の火祭り (the Fuji-Yoshida Fire Festival), which is really cool, but I'm worried about finding rooms then. Considering I haven't found much information on accommodations there yet and all.

More research will be required -- need to see if I'll be bumping into any more seasonal stuff anywhere, too.

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