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Sentences 8

Sentences patterns. Broken examples. More of the usual. I sorta got these down already, or I might if I ever used them, which I pretty much don't. At least the not-as-polite forms.

N1 は N2 に N3 をあげます。 -> N1 gives N3 to N2. [N2 is never speaker/speaker's group.]

N1 は N2 に N3 をさしあげます。 -> Same as above, used when giving to superior.

N1 は N2 に N3 をやります。 -> Same as above, used when giving to inferior, or waters plants.

N1 は N2 から N3 をもらいます。 -> N1 receives N3 from N2. [N2 is never speaker/etc.]

N1 は N2 に N3 をもらいます。 -> Same as above.

N1 は N2 に N3 をいただきます。 -> Same as above, used when receiving from superior.

N1 は N2 に N3 をくれます。 -> N1 gives N3 to N2. [N2 is speaker/etc.]

N1 は N2 に N3 をくださいます。 -> Same as above, used when person giving is superior.

N1 は N2 に V-て あげます。 -> N1 does V for N2. [N2 is not speaker/etc.]

N1 は N2 に V-て もらいます。 -> N1 has V done for them by N2. [N2 is not speaker/etc.]

N1 は N2 から V-て もらいます。 -> Same as above.

N1 は N2 に V-て くれます。 -> Ni does V for N2 [N2 is speaker/etc.]

Um, those are some weird sentences.
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