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A long time ago, I really decided I liked this particular Bach composition -- of course, I'd only heard it on some Amiga music program back in the day, but it was catchy, and at one point I set out to find it. I had no idea what instrument it was written for originally (organ seemed likely, although I wasn't certain), or really where to find it (it didn't help that I didn't even remember the key for sure. And it's not like he didn't write several other fugues in this key. Or any key you care to choose). Of course, I never did find it, until recently. And completely by accident.

Well, it just happened to be on this one CD of organ music I ordered a while back and integrated into my music library some weeks ago. Which makes me glad that I got the CD, even though it had several pieces I already owned, and I had no idea if I wanted anything else on it. But, being on the organ kick I was on, I went ahead and got it.

And there it is. Yay.
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