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Travel. Whee.

Brief note on travel plans:

Looks like I'll be in Rhinelander on the nights of the 17th and 18th of August, as I've made reservations at the Super 8 there (which was the cheapest option. Cheap being the sort of option I prefer for such things right now).

I haven't yet made flight plans, as I won't have the scratch for the ticket until next week or so, at which point I'll talk to the boss and work out exactly when I'm going where. I would like to do a slightly longer trip to Japan than just the convention/Fuji-san, but haven't decided on anything specific yet. I'd like to stay a little longer in Madison, visit family, Evan, and sundry, but don't know if I can do that, yet, either.

I'd like to fly to Madison rather than Milwaukee or Chicago, since it's closer, but it looks quite a bit more expensive, so that's probably out ($370 versus $284 or $239 -- the difference is far more than the difference in gas/any reasonable value for time. Of course, for some bizarre reason, the cheapest flight back from ORD stops in LNK -- Lincoln, Nebraska. Um, WTF?) Either way, I'm probably not going to throw miles at this, instead saving them up for a longer flight (I'm at just over 30k at this exact moment, and between this and Japan, looking at about 15k more. Not enough -- yet -- to do anything particularly ambitious yet, but 60k is something of a magic number. 70k is two tickets to Hawaii. 80k gets me Australia. 50k is two domestic flights in an emergency).

Of course, the trip to Wisconsin and the trip to Japan are so close together that I've considered flying directly from one to the other, but that probably won't actually work. Hmmm.

Well, anyway. Back to work.

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