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Well, I survived the boredom of being stuck (variously) in the lobby of my hotel and the airport for on the order of five hours. Of course, both had free internet, which helps. Also, both also had power sockets I could use, so my laptop lasted all the way through.

Luckily, while planes were being delayed left and right (and there were no free seats available for people missing their connections for a couple days -- yay, travelling on Memorial Day), my plane was slightly early. Of course, being early to Denver usually means being stuck on the tarmac waiting for a free gate. And, well... Supplies!

Almost finished watching Ran on the plane, too. It was a short flight -- I watched most of it at the airport.

I was also sitting next to Eeyore on the plane. Yeesh. I wanted to laugh at her.

Alas, having made it home, I realize there's no real food here, I really should have grabbed something on the way home. Hmmm. I guess I'll eat a power bar.

Anyway, Ran's a pretty good movie. Really depressing, though.
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