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Not A Con Report

ConQuesT is more or less over, and although my head isn't really in it, I had fun. It's nice to see people. Spent a while hanging out with Rich Horton like I seem to do every year, and this time I even got books in the process (copies of the "Best of" anthologies he edited -- reading material on the way to Japan in August, perhaps). Got his LJ account, which I didn't know he had. Saw other people, too, of course, although nobody else gave me books or got "friended" on LJ. :-P

Of course, had the usual interesting conversations (TNH is, of course, exactly the right person to have a meta-conversation with about "the state of the publishing industry" -- ah, nostalgia), and ended up talking about Blindsight an awful lot with various people (blame my Cog Sci background). Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Anyway, CWS brackets get named tomorrow -- Rice won't be hosting this year, looks like, but a slot does seem likely, given that they're ranked #1 or #2 again this year, depending on who you ask.
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