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Well, I'm applying to the JET program this year as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). Even though I have an evil plan to go to Japan to get fluent in Japanese in hopes of going to grad school to get a degree in computational linguistics and leave my old (pretty much dead) IT career behind, I'm suddenly realizing the magnitude of such a jump. And I'm thinking how much easier it would be just to take classes for a couple of years, get another BA in modern languages, and then go to grad school. After all, I've already got the computer background, and my BA was in cognitive science, just a few classes short of both computer science and linguistics...

But... I shall perservere. This is the sort of experience I probably won't be able to have later; I have an opportunity now that shouldn't be passed up. Perhaps I should have done this years ago, but I doubt I would have been mature enough to take advantage of it. I certainly wasn't mature enough to actually consider it -- up until now, my life's been easy and there was never a reason to change it. It took the current economy for me to realize how uncertain things can get.

Now, mind you, JET isn't my first choice. I would have preferred to get the programming job I was hoping to get last year working on character dictionaries in Japan, and I'll contact them again to see if there might be any new possibilities there. Also, I'd prefer to get a job in a small juku (cram) school somewhere in hopes of getting a job a little more "personal" given the likely fact that I'd be sitting in front of bored students reading out of a textbook for JET, but, well, I don't really have enough contacts to find anything like that right now.

Whatever happens, though, my goal is to be in Japan sometime next year.

And some time after that, grad school. Possibly even in Japan.

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