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Green Mountain

Did a quick hike up Green Mountain today (which is, for the moment, actually green), and like I pretty much never do, I took my camera with me. And, well, took pictures. Only kept a few -- the sky was a bit hazy today, with a bit of a brown cloud over Denver, so couldn't really take the money shot of downtown from the top. Maybe some other time.

Anyway, for those that don't know, Green Mountain (neither a mountain nor -- usually -- green) is my typical weekday hike, which I generally do a couple times a week in the summer (saving the bigger hikes for the weekends). It's only about six or eight hundred feet to the top from the trailhead, and takes about an hour and a half to the summit and back. Best of all, the trailhead is only a few blocks from my apartment, making it a good way to get some quick exercise on weekdays when I don't want to take too much time from work and such. I'm thinking of maybe trying to bike up to the top this summer; I haven't done much biking the last few years, but I think I might be in good enough shape to pull it off soon (it's pretty steep -- but, need to get some biking in to keep my knees healthy if I plan to do any fourteeners this year).

Anyway, pictures:

A view of the Hayden trail going up:

There were a few wildflowers blooming, but not many yet (that'll happen over the next two or three months, and by the time everything's done, the mountain will be more brown than green). The best were the little barrel cactus (the prickly pears will bloom later):

This little cactus was a bit of an over-achiever:

Two cactus. This picture (even more than the last two) show how badly the image degrades if you zoom in on my little S300 -- but given the miniscule aperture, that's not really that surprising.

View of Red Rocks and Mt. Evans from near the top -- you can see most all of Denver and the rest of the Front Range from up there (version with notes):

Flickr set is available here (it's just the same pictures, though).

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