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18 April 2007 @ 12:14 pm
Who here is planning to go to Yokohama for the WorldCon?

It might not be a bad idea to coordinate some of the trip planning, depending on what you want to do, etc. So, opening this to comments (hah, as if it wasn't already open), and if you're going and have any sort of tentative plans and/or things you want to do, spill.
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seantaclaus on April 18th, 2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
LOL... even if I were plush, there's no way I could justify it out of my budget.

I'm assuming nothing has changed and all three members of the household are still planning on going, as I'm pretty certain they've already covered their costs.
Douglas Triggs: domo-kun!doubt72 on April 18th, 2007 09:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I figure I'll be helping out (Denver, too, and then there's the Yokohama convention itself), but we can talk about that at ConQuesT, probably. I'll probably be finalizing some of my plans around then.
idonthave1hereidonthave1here on April 19th, 2007 09:30 pm (UTC)
I WASN'T planning on it.... but I'd be definitely up for going. When is it?
(Anonymous) on April 20th, 2007 02:00 pm (UTC)
Japan fan trips Worldcon

Check out the e-mail address at the following article.
http://www.concatenation.org/news/news9~05.html#worldcon07 (http://www.concatenation.org/news/news9~05.html#worldcon07)

Hope this helps.

Enjoy Japan
Douglas Triggs: ueno kouendoubt72 on April 20th, 2007 05:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Japan fan trips Worldcon
There are several tours being organized, but as they are being organized by actual travel professionals, they aren't free, or even particularly budget-minded, nor are they doing anything I'm particularly interested in (going south? In August? F*ck that. I'm going north, thank you very much). I'm not particularly interested in travelling with a bunch of people I don't know, may or may not like, and who are going to be doing a bunch of things I'm probably not interested in anyway -- which given that we're probably talking a group of English-only-speakers on an arranged tour? Odds aren't good, even without all the rest.

Eh. I'd rather get a JR pass and jump the shinkansen where interest and the weather lead me. After all, several of the places I went on this recent trip (Nagano, Matsumoto, Sendai, Matsushima, possibly even Shimotsuma) were completely unplanned for ahead of time.