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Colorado: First Thoughts

It's cold here in Colorado. Sure, the temperature outside might be about the same as it was in Japan, but don't they know they're supposed to heat the crap out of everything indoors? Geez, some people.

I need to get over this bowing thing. I bowed to the guy in the bloody drive-through, for chrissakes.

Daylight seems to come during the wrong part of the day. Mid-afternoon shouldn't be dark. Wait, it's midnight? Oh.

I'm not sure if it's the altitude, the fact I hadn't eaten for a day and a half, or maybe between the ten pounds I lost and all the light-but-nearly-constant exercise from being on my feet hours and hours a day, maybe my blood pressure has dropped a bit, but I've gotten a little light-headed a couple times since I got back. Kind of annoying. Good side, maybe I'll be able to drop some of those drugs I take for the hypertension.

I didn't see another human being between when one friend dropped me off from the airport, and another dropped off my keys and we chatted a bit (he'd been watching the cat). A span of about 24 hours without seeing a soul, it was so weird. And lonely. It's gonna be kinda rough working at home here for a while. :(
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