Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Last Day: Hell Is... The Flight Home

I'm going to miss Japan. The exit chimes, the (mostly) incomprehensible station announcements, the slurred announcements on the JR lines... All the little noises that made Japan are going to haunt me every time I close my eyes for a while. Leaving Japan makes Doug a sad panda, and given how hellish the flight back was, maybe I should have just skipped that part (but more on that below).

Anyway, checked out of the hotel right about checkout time (like always) and left my bags there while I wandered around Yokohama for a bit and took my last few pictures (the weather had finally broken, at least for a little bit). Wandered over to the mall connected to the Landmark Tower, got some postcards and a fridge magnet (not quite the one I would have wanted most, but a decent one), briefly considered going to the top for the view (I think it was 1000円 or so), but decided to put that off until I return. Mailed postcards, picked up luggage, and hopped the train to Ueno.

Anyway, my friend in Tokyo took me to this, er, steak place of some sort for lunch (where they give you a tray with vegetables and meat, and you cook it in front of your... Er, not seat, because you stand up... Spot? Anyway, my feet hated it, but it was the last day, and they weren't really doing that bad by then, anyway. I liked the food itself). Got some last minute omiyage at the station, caught the skyliner to Narita, and off I went.

(I managed to get out with no coins -- although I still have 15,000円 in bills for the next trip, 740円 on my Suica card, and I think I have a ~400円 on my points card for Yodobashi Camera. Assuming I ever have a reason to buy something there. Of course, I cheated by giving my friend my last 12円 -- two 1's and two 5's.)

The trip back, not to put too fine a point on it, was hell. First, there was the fact that I can't really sleep on planes (the sleep I finally got on the connection to Denver was fitful and poor), there were tons of screaming children on both planes, had a three hour layover in SFO (we were early from Narita), where some random business lady played some really annoying game on her laptop at full volume (WTF), then waited on the tarmac for three more hours waiting for them to fix our plane (did I mention the screaming children?) I was exhausted and jetlagged for the layover and the wait, so it was probably twice as bad as it would have been otherwise. So much for getting back before I left.

On the good side, I had internet in SFO, because I already had a T-Mobile account. On the bad side, my email wouldn't deliver from there. At any rate, I randomly chatted on IM, because I was really too tired to post this at that point.

My cat missed me. He wouldn't let me sleep -- head-butted me all night long! Geez. I'm happy to see you too, little fellah.

Next rock -- final thoughts on the trip.

[see photos on flickr]
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