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04 April 2007 @ 08:38 am
Twenty-One Days: Part 2 - Butchering U2  
Just a couple things on the evening:

Went out to a brewpub in Yokohama. Nice place, but had a bit of trouble finding a style I liked (the beer was good, quality being orthogonal to style, of course, but mostly it seems they made stuff a little on the fruity side -- think hefeweizens). No matter -- still far, far better than beer in a can out of a vending machine!

Tried the natto (well, actually tried natto with avocado and shrimp or something). Natto smells a lot like old sneakers. Tastes... Well, at first it tastes okay. Then, the aftertaste kicks in, and you're like "OMG, WTF did I put in my mouth! Aaaaaa! Aaaaaa! Aaaaaaa!" Well, maybe without the "Aaaaaa!" part. But, uh, I didn't need any more. I was good, thanks.

So, after, we went to karaoke (why, oh why, is that written in katakana? No one knows!) where I butchered various songs. It was pretty fun, really -- my friend had a pretty good singing voice, and far more importantly, she had good pitch. Somewhere, someone is spinning in their grave about the versions of a couple songs I sang, though (I suppose if you've totally screwed up a song, camping it up is the only thing to do).

So, tomorrow... Back to America. It's very sad.
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Dustybigmog on April 4th, 2007 06:02 am (UTC)
Well the last part of karaoke comes from orchestra. So maybe they use katakana because of that.