Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Twenty-One Days: The Water Was Wet

Last full day here.

Hopped on the train to Miura, where I went to the beach. Of course, it was cold. And windy. And raining. Nasty, really. This, however, did not stop me from taking off my boots and walking in the water for a bit (I'm stubborn, I guess). The water was noticably warmer than the beach, but overall I wouldn't really call it warm. Anyway, after getting pretty much completely soaked in the rain, I eventually walked back to the station and caught the train back to Yokohama.

Ah, well, at this point, I guess I'm killing time, bacause all the things I want to do are outdoors, and the weather just isn't quite cooperating. I see some patches of clear sky developing right now, though, so maybe I'll at least get some decent pictures here around Yokohama this evening.

Other observations:

Ha! There are stupid politician loudspeaker trucks in Yokohama! I think I heard one yesterday or something, and I definitely heard one while eating lunch. (Also just barely avoided getting bumped into by more security guys -- or at least helper guys -- when one was apparently making an appearance in Sendai while I was trying to get to the station -- I'm just a magnet for these things, I guess). Also, they actually had posters up in the squares here. I'm voting for the cute lady-person. Unless it was her truck, then no way.

Seen on a fast food menu... Avocado Banana Smoothie... Uh, yum? Don't think I want one, thanks.

BTW, how do you reset those stupid Japanese keyboards (you know, the ones with no freakin' spacebar) back to roumaji once you've hit the damned kana key instead of the spacebar?

So, tonight, I hang out with my friend in Yokohama. Tomorrow, lunch with my friend in Tokyo on the way to Narita, and then... I guess that's it.

[see photos on flickr]
Tags: 日本 3/2007

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