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Nan Desu Kan

...So I'm back. And here's the obligatory con report.

This year was the year of the panel, I think I only went to see maybe four different anime in the video rooms. Of note was Millenium Actress, which was pretty good (a lot better than Perfect Blue, anyway, which came from the same director, I believe), and Midori no Hibi, which was amusing and wrong all at the same time. I really want to see Midori no Hibi whenever it's released here (Kyaa, you listening?) Dead Leaves was also of note, but I'm not exactly sure what that note is...

I also wanted to see various other things, but either I was doing something else (like hanging out), or sleeping (like at 5AM. Macross Zero? 5AM? Hello?)

As for other stuff... I saw Kumiko Kato and Akina perform, and they both did a pretty good show, even if I preferred Akina of the two (tons of energy in that show). Later on, in my somewhat copious panel hopping, I saw both of their Q&A sessions. Akina-san is terminally cute, but Kato-san's English was way better (although she struggled with the difficult stuff, something eminently forgivable). A lot of the questions were pretty stupid, some entertainingly so, some not so much.

The other panels of note were the language panels by Mark Bradford (I enjoyed the Japanese in One Hour panel enough last year that I came back, and then went to see the other ones). If you're going to Nan Desu Kan next year and he's doing them again, I highly recommend them if you're at all interested in Japanese (especially as it relates to anime), especially the Japanese in One Hour panel.

And, well, that's about it. I hung out a lot, didn't buy anything (the trouble with being broke), and enjoyed the convention quite a bit this year.

Oh, and the breakfast buffet sucked, even though I ate it twice... Not being there next year will be good for that, if nothing else. Although I hope to be in another country by then, and if I am, coming back next year might not happen.

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